Sundays @CTR

Ordinarily,  we would do this...

Our Sunday school for all ages starts @9:30am!

For Nursery.. check here!

For 3 years old to Grade 3, check out our Worship and Wonder here!

For 4th to 6th Grade check our our Discipleship Group here!

Youth Sunday school...check here!

Adult Sunday school, Alpha...check here!

Fellowship with coffee and light snacks will begin @10:00am!

Our worship service starts @10:30am!

Our nursery is available during Sunday School and our Worship service.

But these are extraordinary days,

so we are streaming our services online

and the options can be found on our home page or here.


3rd Sunday of the month @5pm normally, but at the moment we will not be meeting.

We are located at:

6116 Southwest Blvd.
Fort Worth, Texas 76109

Office Hours:

Monday to Thursday


E-mail us at or call us at 817 386-3000.