Recovery in the pines comes to CTR

This Sunday, the leaders of 'Recovery in the Pines' discuss their work with those suffering with addiction.

addiction recovery ministry

Recovery in the Pines

There are many programs available and can be overwhelming choosing the right one for you or a loved one. Recovery on the Pines' programs are truly different. Minimum recovery stay is 90 days of structured and disciplined guidance to make sure sobriety is a success. They are a top Arizona drug rehab center for addiction treatment with Christian based life or traditional skills training programs in the beautiful pines of Prescott, Arizona. Their team of drug and alcohol treatment experts provides a holistic approach of comprehensive life skills training to those who are dependent on drugs and alcohol, and are ready to make a positive change to recovery and healthy lifestyle.

Their website:

If you need help or would like to know about additional resources, please contact our clergy.

Teenage Addiction help

The envoy group

At The Envoy Group, they utilize over a decade of knowledge and experience to educate and assist families in their search for the best Therapeutic Boarding School, Residential Treatment Center, or Wilderness Therapy options for their struggling or at-risk teen.

They know your struggle, they’ve been there themselves. They’re committed to helping anyone research and find out more about any program, not just the ones they regularly suggest.

For more information, check out their web site here.