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The term 'vestry' originated in colonial times. The name comes from the only place in the church building where church leaders could meet, the 'vesting room'. The role of the laity in the affairs of the Church, reflected not only the American experience, where Christians were crucial to the survival and health of the Church before Independence; it also was important theologically, since, all baptized are responsible to God for carrying out the mission of the Church and for stewardship of the resources God has given the Church for this mission.  

Today, our vestry's primary responsibilities are to take care of the temporal business of the church – parish finances and property; and to be a 'council of advice' to the Rector. Together, our vestry and our Rector form a 'Team Ministry'. In addition, our leadership is committed to prayer and Bible study before each vestry meeting and at each meeting there is a sincere desire to discern the direction of the Holy Spirit. In adherence to our Diocesan canons, our vestry is elected by the members of the parish at our annual meeting in January. They serve a three year term, and one third of the vestry is elected annually.

If you have questions for any of our vestry members, simply send the church an e-mail, call our church office at 817 386-3000 or see them on Sunday!.

our vestry by office

  • Steve phillips, Senior Warden

    Steve has served on the vestry previously as the Stewardship Chairman and Senior Warden.  In 2023, he was elected to the vestry and will serve as our Senior Warden. The Senior Warden is chosen by the Rector, and they work closely together. Steve wanted to serve on the vestry because he felt God's calling to serve using his spiritual gifts to help spread God's Word. He and his wife, Beth, have three children - Sydney, William and Porter. The family joined CTR because the Gospel of Jesus Christ is preached and CTR is a place of spirit filled joy, fellowship, humility and hope.  They have been members since 2010.

  • Hank Pereth, Junior Warden

    Hank began his term in 2022 and he serves as our Junior Warden. The Junior Warden is chosen by the vestry and it is the Junior Warden’s primary responsibility to care for the church property.  

    Hank has been a member since 2008. He has lived in many places (South Dakota, California, Alaska, New Jersey and now Fort Worth). Hank retired in 2016 from his job as a management consultant, which has given the time to spend with family and serve as our Usher coordinator and now on our vestry.

    “I am part of CTR because of fortunate circumstances that led us there during the division of the Fort Worth Episcopalian Diocese.  Now that I am retired, I have time to serve on the Vestry and discover what God would have me contribute.”

  • Nicole Rutigliano, Secretary

    Nicole will serve as the Vestry's Secretary. The Secretary, sometimes referred to as clerk in some parishes, is responsible for keeping the minutes of vestry and parish meetings. Nicole began her term on the vestry in 2023 . She, and her family, have been members of CTR since 2016. She wanted to serve on the vestry because, “Now is an exciting time to serve on the vestry because we are seeing a lot of growth and have some big decisions coming up to most effectively accommodate that growth.” Nicole is married to Tony and they have 3 wonderful kids, Chase, Paige, and Chloe. Why CTR? “CTR provided a spiritual home to our family, one in which both Tony and I felt comfortable, even though we grew up with very different church experiences.”

  • Skylar O'Neal, Treasurer

    Skylar began her term in 2023. She will serve as the Vestry's Treasurer. The Treasurer maintains the financial and business records of the church; prepares the monthly financial reports for the vestry; and prepares the annual financial reports.

    Skylar and her family have been members of CTR since 2016. She wanted to serve on our vestry "because I want to play an active role in the continued growth of this church family.” Skylar also served on our Ministry Council as the chair of Women's Ministry.

  • Mary Katherine Tetirick, Intercessor

    Mary Katherine began her term in 2022. In 2024, she was appointed to be the Intercessor for the vestry. Prayer is an important part of the life of the church and is therefore an important part of the life of the vestry.

    Mary Katherine has been a member since 2009. She grew up in Waco but has lived in Fort Worth since 1984 with her husband, 3 adult children and 1 grandchild! Serving is important to her and she has volunteered her time in many areas including working with children.CTR has felt like home since the day we attended the first Sunday service at LMRA, and it’s been exciting to be a part of the growth of our parish.  I’m excited to be a part of the vestry as we see what God has in store for us next!”

  • Isaac Manning, Member at Large

    Issac began his term in 2022 and he will serve as a Member at Large, which means he serves where his gifts are needed. Isaac has been a member of CTR since 2018. He has been married to Libby for 32 years. They have 4 grown sons (one married), and now a granddaughter! “I am part of CTR because in the beginning it was as close to the first century church as I could get and CTR is about mission and ministry. CTR is also the first church I have ever attended where the people are happy to see each other. I have been asked to serve and am honored to do so look forward to working with Father Chris, the staff and the other Vestry members.”

  • Bill Martin, Member at Large

    Bill was elected on to the vestry in 2024. He will serves as a Member at Large, which means he serves where his gifts are needed.  He has been a member of CTR since 2015. He is married to Christine, and they have two daughters – Elizabeth who recently moved to England for 2 years and Victoria, who was married in 2020 to Matt Anderson. Bill is interested in restoration (Tudor revival, mid-20th Century Modern); Art & Music (Renaissance); Sports (rugby, ice hockey). “I'm part of CTR because this is a welcoming community of Christians that follow the Great Command, The Great Tradition, and The Great Commission. I wanted to serve on the Vestry in order to contribute to the growth of our church community and our mission work locally, nationally, and internationally.”

  • Bruce Trahey, member at large

    Bruce was elected on to the vestry in 2024. He will serve as a Member at Large, which means he serves where his gifts are needed.  He has been a member of CTR for over 9 years and has served in many areas of the church, including the Usher ministry and he previously served on the vestry as senior warden. He has been married for over 31 years to Sharon and they have 5 children and 6 Grandchildren! He enjoys working out;reading; spending time with his family and he is a ‘diehard Longhorn Fan’!

    Bruce and his wife had attended All Saints until the split happened over 11 years ago. Therefore, as they began to search for a new church, "Upon the first visit to CTR, we knew we were home."

  • Millie Watters, Member at Large

    Millie began her term on the vestry in 2024.She and her family joined our church during Covid!

    Reason for why she wanted to serve on the vestry, “Over four years ago, we joined the CTR family due to its proximity to our home which allows us to "live the church" with others at CTR, the accessible, liturgical worship service, our interest in the Anglican tradition.”

    Millie grew up near Paris, Texas where her parents owned a small art gallery and frame shop In addition to Paris and Fort Worth, she have enjoyed living in Lubbock, Russian, Denton, Austin, Clarksville, Texas and Denver following education and ministry opportunities. Her career has been in the arts (her mom is an artist), ministry and faith-based non-profit. “I love being outdoors and catalyzing projects that intend to expand the kingdom of God in beautiful, diverse ways.” Millie is married to Ryan and they have two children Ava and Zane.