BAsic Christianity: Part 1

Core values of the Christian Faith

The following videos are from Fr. Chris' 2022/23 Adult Sunday School class.

It is a three part series. In this is first part Fr. Chris ( with guest teachers), breaks down the core values of the Christian faith -

Worship, Prayer, Discipleship, Mission, and Fellowship. Unfortunately, Evangelism and Stewardship were not recorded.

If you have any questions on any video, please e-mail Fr. Chris directly.

  • Just click on the above Worship button to watch the video.

    The video begins at around 1:08, (giving you time to grab a cup of coffee, maybe something to take notes on) .... with a general intro and a Summary of December's CTR Assembly.  At around the 7:09 mark, intro to the class and the first topic - Worship begins. Fr. Chris gives a Biblical overview of worship.

  • How do we draw close to God? Just click on the above button to watch the video on prayer in which Michael Cobillas, our Young Adult and College Minister, answers this question through the discipline of prayer.

  • In this class, Fr. Chris discusses 3 things of discipleship. First, how do we define it? Second, what is the Biblical view of discipleship? And then thirdly, what does it look like to live it out?   Just click on the above button to watch the video.

  • This week Fr. Bob Gresser is teaching this class on mission. He will look at the Gospel view of mission; the mission opportunities of the church and talk about his own experiences in the Malawi. Just click on the above button to watch the video.

  • Fr. Chris, in this week's Basic Christianity class, takes a deeper look at fellowship in the Christian context.  What is it? What is the Biblical overview of it and what does a life of Christian fellowship look like? Just click on the above Fellowship button to watch the video.