when is Lent?

Lent always begins on Ash Wednesday, a movable date 40 days (excluding Sundays) before Easter Eve.

Since the early days of the Church, there has been recorded evidence of a season of preparation for Easter Sunday.  By the 4th century and the legalization of Christianity, Lent took its current form as a season of penance, fasting, and preparation for baptism.

What is Lent?

Lent is the 40 day period, beginning on Ash Wednesday, in which we prepare for the great Easter season and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Primarily and historically, this has meant a return to our discipleship and devotion to Jesus.

The color of Lent is purple – connoting both repentance and royalty. As our sins lead to the death of the King of Kings, we are to humble ourselves in preparation for Our Lord and Savior’s Death and Resurrection through the following disciplines:

1.   Repentance – confessing our sins and returning to the God of     forgiveness.

2.   Fasting – the voluntary denial of a normal function for a spiritual purpose.

3.   Devotion – increased activity in worship, prayer, and service towards others.

How to Keep Lent Season at Home

Lent Devotional – This devotional on our web site is designed for you (and your family) to read through Jesus’ journey to the cross, spending time each day reading God’s Word and offering prayers for yourself and others.

Prayers – If you do not have a regular prayer time in your daily routine, now is a great time to start! Your prayers do not have to be complex, long, or limited to mealtime. Your prayers should include a prayer for the return of our Lord in your life. You may pray when you wake up, at bedtime, and anytime in between.

Serving Others –The command of God is to love God and love others. Lent is an excellent time to add acts of service to your life. You can volunteer at CTR, a food bank, Rivertree Academy, Union Gospel Mission, write cards or letters to shut-ins are just a few ideas.

Giving to Others – Purge and collect items from your home, such as clothing, toys, and household items and donate them to Union Gospel Mission.  Don’t be afraid to ask others for ideas.

Fasting/Giving Up Something – Denying ourselves or giving up something during Lent is known as fasting. Fasting is not solely about food denial but could be giving up an activity such as video games or television. Fasting is a reminder of what Jesus went through and that we are walking with him to the cross.