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Lent for families


Lent begins on Ash Wednesday! Although Ash Wednesday is a solemn service, it is an opportunity for families to include their young children into Lent and worship. Often preparing them before hand with a brief conversation allows children to enter into the reality of our worship. It is different, quieter, and we receive ashes in the sign of the cross on our foreheads. Children are often very interested and engaged. Simply, during Lent we tell God we are sorry for our sins, and ask him to help us know his love and forgiveness deeper in our hearts. The ashes remind us that God made man out of the dust and we will return to dust when we die. We often forget this and live our daily lives as we want to without Jesus. Look around, children and adults of all ages have the ash marks on their foreheads and are all in need of God. I am happy to visit more with you and your children about Ash Wednesday or Lent.


How will you will enter into this season together as a family this year?

May I suggest a book The Good of Giving Up: Discovering the Freedom of Lent by Fr. Aaron Damiani for a practical look at the theology and discipline of Lent to read as Lent approaches. 


Here are ideas for activities to share as a family during Lent/Easter depending on the ages of your kids.

Lent for Littles

Lent for Families