Lenten Discipline for all ages

Jesus and His

Ten Commandments:

A Lenten Journey

By Rev. Ethan Harrison

This year, one of our CTR Lenten Devotionals, Jesus and His 10 Commandments: A Lenten Journey, is written by Fr. Ethan Harrison, an Anglican priest, gifted theologian with a pastor's heart, husband, and father of young daughters. Ethan and I have become friends as we have gone through a new program, Catechesis and Spiritual Formation, at Trinity School for Ministry. He has written this Lenten devotional with the Ten Commandments in mind as part of his capstone project, in hopes that it will benefit families in their devotional life. However, the content should be profitable for Christians of all ages, with or without children in your home. We are part of the beta test this year; if you would be interested in participating in a survey on your thoughts and ideas of the devotion, please send me your email. The Lenten Devotional can be found here.

Melissa, Director for CTR’s Family Ministries

Lenten Discipline for Families

Our Lenten Journey

Into the heart of Easter

Created by Trevecca Okholm

A new intergenerational Lenten Devotional with younger children (3-6yr old) in mind is 40 Days of Lent by Trevecca Okholm. We also have access to the pre-release of this devotional prior to it’s publication. This devotional is based closely on the principles of our Worship & Wonder model of spiritual formation at CTR. Trevecca has been a mentor and friend to me in children and family ministry. She is a seasoned children’s minister and has several publications. Her heart as a mother, grandmother, and children’s minister is for family discipleship and intergenerational sharing of the faith to flourish. The Lenten Devotional can be found here.

Melissa, Director for CTR’s Family Ministries

personal  lenten discipline


A Journey with Jesus

Lent is the 40 day period in which we prepare for the great Easter season and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Primarily and historically, this has meant a return to our discipleship and devotion to Jesus, the Son of the Living God.  It is a season of:

  • Repentance – confessing our sins and returning to the God of forgiveness.
  • Fasting – the voluntary denial of a normal function for a spiritual purpose.
  • Devotion – increased activity in worship, prayer, and service towards others.

You can find find our Lenten Devotional here.