Stewardship 2024

Because you Gave... Part 1

How else could we possibly begin this year's Because You Gave campaign?! Thanks to the generosity of CTR benefactors, on Friday, July 7th of 2023, following an extensive investigation of several possible sites, which was led by a wonderful team of people from CTR, we purchased the property that is our permanent parish home free and clear (which means we are carrying no debt)! Located at 5001 Overton Ridge Blvd. (just a mile from where we are meeting now), the site is the former 24-Hour Fitness facility, which is situated on 5 acres of land. We will demolish the existing building this fall, select an architect, master plan the property, and then begin the capital campaign, so we can build the facilities God would have us construct for the ministries that will take place at CTR. One way or another, everyone will have the opportunity to be involved in the process. Because you gave, we are establishing a legacy of faithful Christian witness in southwest Fort Worth that - God willing - will last for generations to come. Thanks be to God and thank you for your labor of love in this endeavor.


Fr. Chris Culpepper+

Rector, CTR

Because you gave... Part 2

What is an Atrium?

 In early church basilicas, the atrium was an architectural structure often at the entrance of a church as a transition between the public street and the sacred worship space. It was a space where people prepared to enter into full worship. 

 At CTR, our atria are intentional spaces filled with small communities of children and adults experiencing God together which nourishes their further participation in worship and Christian life in their families, the church, and the wider community. 

 Each of our atria (and the nursery) are set-apart spaces that are carefully prayed over and created with great care FOR the children to have a prepared environment to help the relationship between God and the child to flourish. Many CTR artisans and volunteers share their gifts and talents to provide these intentional environments. We continue to form adult storytellers, greeters and catechists to companion our children in their encounter with God, Holy Scripture, worship and Christian community. 

 As CTR is growing Up and Out, our children are growing up too!

Anticipating the need for this year, our first step was to complete the remodeling needed to use a portion of the foyer as a classroom space. Then we procured appropriate furnishings to accommodate the environment while also keeping in mind a growing need for flex space for family fellowship. It is our hope that these furnishings will transition into children’s areas in our future church home. Lastly, we continue to development curriculum materials as these children explore the pillars of our Christian beliefs through the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostles Creed, and the Ten Commandments with Scripture, the BCP and To Be a Christian: An Anglican catechism. 

Because You Gave, we foster the spiritual growth of children and families in their Christian faith and life.

Melissa Smith, Director of Children's and Family Ministry

Because you Gave... Part 3

Last year in July, I was hired as the Director of College and Young Ministries at CTR. Because of your generous support, I’ve been able to minister to these groups and help point them towards greater faith in Christ. 

 Leading Bible studies with both the college students at TCC South and the young adults, along with doing one on one discipleship, has been a joy for me. Whether we’re doing fellowship events like playing pickle ball or game theory or in serious study of the Bible, I’m always amazed by the ways that God has provided for me to partner with Him in building His Church. I am reminded that it is God who gives growth (1 Corinthians 3:6).

 Also, because you gave, I’m currently pursuing my Master’s Degree at Nashotah House Theological Seminary. The reason for getting my degree is twofold. First, by obtaining my master’s degree, I theologically build myself up for the work of ministry and second, I meet the requirements for a campus minister at TCU. 

 As I look forward to working in building up God’s kingdom among the college students and young adults, I pray that you would continue to join me in whatever way you can, with you time, treasures, or talents, to the glory of God, the edification of the Church, and the evangelism of the world (specifically southwest Fort Worth).


Michael Cobillas

Director of College & Young Adult Ministries

Because you Gave ... Part 4

As a consultant at CTR and someone deeply involved in its growth and development, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and generosity. Your contributions have significantly impacted our church's life, enabling us to embark on exciting projects that will shape our future in remarkable ways. Over the past year, your giving has empowered us to invest in several critical areas that enhance our worship experience and prepare us for the exciting journey ahead. Here's a glimpse into the wonderful transformations your contributions have made possible:

1. AV Antenna Upgrades: Thanks to your support, we've been able to upgrade our audio-visual systems with new antenna technology.  These enhancements have improved the quality of our audio in the nave, making it possible for people to hear more clearly without interference.

2. Sound Technicians for Rehearsals: Your generosity has allowed us to deploy a dedicated sound tech for our choir and praise band rehearsal. This investment ensures that every note of music and every spoken word is clear, enhancing the overall worship experience for our congregation.

3. Church Management Software: We've begun the process of upgrading our Church Management Software, a project that will streamline administrative tasks, improve communication, and enhance our ability to serve you better. This software will prove invaluable.

Your financial contributions have laid the foundation for our parish's continued growth and vibrancy. As we look ahead to the exciting prospect of relocating to our future permanent home, your support becomes even more critical. Our improvements so far are just the beginning of a journey that will see our community flourish and thrive.

I invite you to share in our excitement for the future as we embark on this remarkable chapter in the life of our parish. Your continued support, whether through financial contributions, volunteering, prayer, or simply your presence, makes our community special!

  I extend our deepest gratitude for your dedication and generosity. Together, we are building a vibrant, welcoming, and spiritually enriching home for all who seek solace and fellowship.

In faith and unity,

Paul Drake