Stewardship 2023

Because you Gave... Part 1

Every year at this time, we take a look back at the ways God has blessed our parish family over the course of the year, particularly through the financial contributions you have made to support our parish mission and ministry. Because you gave, CTR continues to grow spiritually, and numerically, as evidenced by the wonderful photo to the left, when many of our young families came together for a spiritual retreat at Camp Crucis earlier this year. Because you gave, we also added three new staff members to strategically resource for new and growing ministries in our midst. These include Michael Cobillas, our minister to college students and young adults, Felicity Mazur-Park, our Director of Music, and Paul Drake, our tech consultant. Over the next three weeks, you will be hearing from each of these new staff members, as they introduce themselves to you and talk about how they will be working in ministry in the upcoming seasons. Because you gave, Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church continues to joyfully fulfill the Great Command and the Great Commission, bringing people into our family, growing up together in Christ, and going out in mission and ministry. Because you gave.


Fr. Chris Culpepper+

Rector, CTR

Because you gave... Part 2

Hopes for the Young Adults

As CTR continues to grow in numbers, we must be mindful to provide ways in which young adults can grow as followers of Christ in fellowship with the Church. My hope for the young adult ministry is to gather enough young adults to meet regularly for prayer, fellowship, and Bible study. To begin, I would like to lead a Discovery Bible Study with those who might be interested in joining. Contact me HERE if you're interested.

Hopes for TCU

As a campus minister, my time is spent trying to meet students at various restaurants and coffee shops near TCU to share the gospel with them. In order for me to start an Anglican ministry at TCU, I must go through the many requirements that the religious life administration has set up for campus ministers. The application process does not open until spring of next year. So, until then, I have spent my time networking with many campus ministers already at TCU like Baptist Student Ministries or Chi Alpha to learn from them and how they do ministry in a university context. If you would like to be part of the team who helps me on campus, please contact me HERE.

Hopes for the Future

Because you gave, Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church is investing in the future mission of the Church among the younger generation to carry the baton of making disciples of all nations. Because you gave, Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church is meeting this opportunity through the hiring of a Young Adult and College Director of Ministries as a means to reach the wider younger audience of Fort Worth, both within the parish but also outside the parish at Texas Christian University. Because you gave.


Michael Cobillas

Director of College & Young Adult Ministries

Because you Gave... Part 3

I am Felicity Mazur-Park, a British composer, pianist, and organist, and I am happy to be serving as the Music Director at Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church. We are currently growing our music program. We have a great team including skilled pianist Maxim Kudaev, bass choral scholar and choral librarian Jace Mankins, and many talented and dedicated choir members. For the Fall season we hope to program monthly choral anthems and continue an array of instrumental music including piano and organ duets played by our regular musicians and offerings by guest musicians.


Hopes for the Program

I would like to expand the choir and introduce choral events such as an evening lessons and carols service during Advent and/or cantata performances during Advent and Christmas or Easter. The hope eventually is to introduce a midweek choir rehearsal so the choir can expand their repertoire. We are also recruiting additional choral scholars to expand our choral offerings. In the past, the church has run a successful choral scholar program through Texas Christian University. In addition to the scholar program, I plan to invite more guest artists to play and sing during our services. Maxim and I would like to hold a joint piano and organ recital at the church in the near future. Other possible future options include establishing a music worship committee which includes members of the choir and congregation in addition to staff members and programming choir and praise team collaborations.


How to Get Involved

Anyone from the congregation is welcome to sing with our choir on Sunday mornings! To get involved in the choir please email me HERE. All ages and voice types are welcome!


Felicity Mazur-Park,

Director of Music

Because you Gave ... Part 4

I am Paul Drake, classical educator, and IT Director at Covenant Classical School. And, since July, I have been serving as Christ the Redeemer’s technology consultant. I have worked in education for almost 10 years and have always had an affinity for technology, music, and helping make things be more efficient and effective, to help things flourish. That is my overall hope and goal, to help Christ the Redeemer flourish!

My Hope for Christ the Redeemer

You may have heard the saying, “Technology: can’t live with it and can’t live without it.” This is true. Technology can be a great tool that helps us do our daily work, but there is always a need for balance with any tool. I am reminded of the Latin phrase - ora et labora - pray and work. This is my approach to technology in general and technology at CTR, that while I explore and implement new technologies or refine old ones, I would do so in prayer, with the desire that whatever technology God has for us to implement or refine, it would do so in order that our parish, and more broadly, Christ’s Kingdom may be served and flourish!

So what does that mean? That means you as a parishioner should experience, see, and hear improvements throughout the life of the parish. We have already refined and implemented a number of improvements and are currently exploring and working on more. My hope is that God may be glorified and that we as a parish will continue to grow and flourish through these technological improvements.

Technology can help make parish work more efficient and effective; it can help better communication needs and information; it can help better connect each other; it can help expand our gospel reach; it can help people hear and see more clearly; it can help us sing and praise God with more fervor; it can remind us that we live in a fallen world, but that God in his creativity and grace created humankind with the ability to use creative tools to navigate this world and glorify Him in it.

How to Get Involved

Do you have any interest in media, sound, technology, or music? If you answered yes, then reach out to me HERE. I, along with Marcus Foster and Roger Smith are building out our A.V. team

Paul Drake

Technology Consultant, Christ the Redeemer

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