Stewardship is an important word at CTR. And, when we talk about stewardship, we do so not in the narrow sense of money alone, but in the broader and more thoroughly biblical sense of the God-given responsibilities we have toward all He has given us: our intellect, our bodies, our abilities, and the list goes on. Therefore, in accordance with the goodness of God, it is a built-in expectation for members to engage in the following ways:


Time can be spent, wasted, or invested. It is important to spend time pursuing interests, for our growth, our health, and for our recreation. It is a tragedy to waste time. At CTR, we ask our members to make an investment in the Kingdom of God by engaging in our Core Values: worship, discipleship, fellowship, evangelism, mission, prayer, and stewardship. Exercising daily disciplines around these core values makes us fit for the Kingdom of God.


Each of us has been given gifts, both natural and spiritual. Members of CTR are expected to place all God-given gifts in his service for his glory. Most of us know what our natural gifts are. Many of us may not be aware of our spiritual gifts. In whatever place you find yourself, we invite you to join us in the journey of discovery, that you may grow in love and service of the Lord.


At CTR we say that money is our “temporal fuel to light a spiritual fire” in this world. We are committed to placing 100% of our money into ministry. 90% of every dollar that comes in is invested in building our resources for doing ministry in our parish. 10% of every dollar is given as a tithe into the mission field, which is then divided into thirds according to our local, regional, and international zones.

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