our vestry

The term 'vestry' originated in colonial times. The name comes from the only place in the church building where church leaders could meet, the 'vesting room'. In those days, the role of the vestry extended beyond their church walls. It acted also as their city's council.

The vestry has often been called the unique American contribution to Church governance. The role of the laity in the affairs of the Church,  reflected not only the American experience, where Christians were crucial to the survival and health of the Church before independence; it also was important theologically, since, all baptized are responsible to God for carrying out the mission of the Church and for stewardship of the resources God has given the Church for this mission.

Today, our vestry's primary responsibilities are to take care of the temporal business of the church – parish finances and property; and to be a 'council of advice' to the Rector. Together, our vestry and our Rector form a 'Team Ministry'. In addition, our leadership is committed to prayer and Bible study before each vestry meeting and at each meeting there is a sincere desire to discern the direction of the Holy Spirit. In adherence to our Diocesan canons, our vestry is elected by the members of the parish at our annual meeting in January. They serve a three year term, and one third of the vestry is elected annually.

If you have questions for any of our vestry members, simply click on their photo to send an e-mail or you may call our church office at 817 386-3000.

  • Jim McCoy, Senior Warden

    Jim has been a member of CTR since the very beginning in 2008. He grew up in Fort Worth and enjoys pretty much anything outdoors. He and his family have “all served in different capacities over the years and look forward to opportunities to give back as we are equipped and called.

  • Tom Purvis, Junior warden

    Tom and his wife, Michelle, have been attending CTR from the very beginning. He was born and raised in Fort Worth.  He and Michelle have two children (Thompson (age 30) married to Lauren and Melissa (age 28) married to Doak Raulston). Tom's interests include hunting, fishing and hiking.


  • Tony rutigliano, Secretary

    Tony began his term in 2018. He serves the vestry as our secretary. Tony’s passion is in building community, which will make for a perfect place for his gift to be utilized as a member of our vestry. 

  • Laura O'Brien, Treasurer

    Laura and her family joined CTR in 2008. They had been ‘church shopping’ for some time and at their first service at CTR, she immediately felt a sense of peace, and comfort, “I knew we were home!” Laura is honored to serve on the vestry, because “I feel like the next few years will be another time of transition for CTR. I pray that I can discern what God needs me to do as part of that transition, and use any spiritual gifts I’ve received to help me do that.”

  • Mary Jane Edwards, Prayer Intercessor

    Mary Jane is our prayer intercessor on the vestry. Prayer is an important part of the life of the church, and is therefore an important part of the life of the vestry. She is looking forward to what the Lord is going to do at CTR and through our members as we continue to live out Acts 2:42-47. ”They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.”

  • gary loffland, Member at large

    Gary was elected to our vestry in 2018. Gary wants to do what he can to contribute toward CTR’s continued growth, spreading God’s word via community involvement, and through its ministry.

  • Sandy Tisdale, Member at Large

    Sandy began her term in 2020. She serves as a Member at Large, which means she serves where her gifts are needed.  She has had the privilege of serving on vestries in the past and looks forward to another opportunity to serve God in this manner.

  • Stephen O'Neal, Member at Large

    Stephen began his term in 2020. He will serve as a Member at Large, which means he will serve where his gifts are needed. “I joined vestry because I want to play an active role in the continued growth of this church family.”

  •     Alichia Deatherage, Member at Large

    Alichia began her term in 2020, She will serve as a Member at Large.

    “Being a part of CTR is like an extended family and home.  We as a family love being involved and the atmosphere of family.  Serving on vestry will give me the business side of our church and I want to be able to help and make decisions about our future.”