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The term 'vestry' originated in colonial times. The name comes from the only place in the church building where church leaders could meet, the 'vesting room'. The role of the laity in the affairs of the Church, reflected not only the American experience, where Christians were crucial to the survival and health of the Church before Independence; it also was important theologically, since, all baptized are responsible to God for carrying out the mission of the Church and for stewardship of the resources God has given the Church for this mission.  

Today, our vestry's primary responsibilities are to take care of the temporal business of the church – parish finances and property; and to be a 'council of advice' to the Rector. Together, our vestry and our Rector form a 'Team Ministry'. In addition, our leadership is committed to prayer and Bible study before each vestry meeting and at each meeting there is a sincere desire to discern the direction of the Holy Spirit. In adherence to our Diocesan canons, our vestry is elected by the members of the parish at our annual meeting in January. They serve a three year term, and one third of the vestry is elected annually.

If you have questions for any of our vestry members, simply send the church an e-mail, call our church office at 817 386-3000 or see them on Sunday!.

our vestry by office

  • Jim McCoy, Senior Warden

    Jim began his term on the vestry in 2019 and he will serve as the Senior Warden. The Senior Warden is chosen by the rector. Together, they share the mission and vision of Christ the Redeemer and manage its operations as well. The Senior Warden also asks as an advisor to the rector.

    Jim has been a member of CTR since the very beginning in 2008. He grew up in Fort Worth and enjoys pretty much anything outdoors. He and his family have “all served in different capacities over the years and look forward to opportunities to give back as we are equipped and called.

  • Tom Purvis, Junior warden

    Tom began his term in 2019. In 2020, he was elected to serve as our Junior Warden. The Junior Warden is elected by the vestry and it is the Junior Warden's primary responsibility to maintain our church property.

    Tom and his wife, Michelle, have been attending CTR from the very beginning. He was born and raised in Fort Worth.  He and Michelle have two children (Thompson (age 30) married to Lauren and Melissa (age 28) married to Doak Raulston). Tom's interests include hunting, fishing and hiking.

  • Laura O'Brien, Treasurer

    Laura began her term in 2019. In 2020, she was elected to serve as our Treasurer. The Treasurer maintains the financial and business records of the church; prepares the monthly financial reports for the vestry; and prepares the annual financial reports. 

    Laura and her family joined CTR in 2008. They had been ‘church shopping’ for some time and at their first service at CTR, she immediately felt a sense of peace, and comfort, “I knew we were home!

  • Stephen O'Neal, Secretary

    Stephen began his term in 2020. He will serve as our Stewardship Chair this year. The Stewardship Chair oversees and leads the annual pledge campaign that funds the parish operating budget. Plans for the campaign are well underway and will conclude on All Saints’ Day when we will have our in-gathering.

    Stephen and his family have been members of CTR since 2016. He wanted to serve on our vestry "because I want to play an active role in the continued growth of this church family.”

  • Bill Martin, Intercessor

    Bill Martin began his term in 2021, fulfilling a vacant seat. He will serve the remaining two years, Bill has been a member of CTR since 2014. He also serves on our Ministry Council as the LEV coordinator. He is married to his lovely wife, Christine, and they have two wonderful daughters - both Baylor grads.

  • Sandy Tisdale, Stewardship Chair for 2021

    Sandy began her term in 2020. She serves as a Member at Large, which means she serves where her gifts are needed.  She has had the privilege of serving on vestries in the past and looks forward to another opportunity to serve God in this manner. Sandy has a heart for mission, and we are so fortunate to have her on our vestry and our Mission Chair.

  • Brett Oliver, member at Large

    Brett began her term in 2021. She serves as a Member at Large. She and her family joined Christ the Redeemer in 2011 and she has served in the nursery, children’s Sunday school, and fellowship committees. Art is one of her passions and you can see some of her work on our youth walls. 

    'Seeing Christ the Redeemer grow as a congregation has been amazing to watch over the last 9 years and I am looking forward to help contribute to the planning and future growth of CTR.'

  • Becky Powell, Member at LArge

    Becky began her term in 2021 and will serve as a Member at Large.

    She lives in Weatherford, and came to CTR in 2016 with her husband John, and their two boys. She just completed her 6 years on the Camp Crucis Board, and is looking forward to being more involved at CTR. 'My heart is for mission, and I have enjoyed working on the Mission Committee for the last few years.'

  • Casy Abel, Member at large

    Casey began his term in 2021 and will serve as a Member at Large. In 2016, he and his lovely wife, Lauren, became official members of the CTR family.  Their family has grown since then. Casey and Lauren now have two beautiful daughters. Much of his ministry work has been focused around youth. Whether it’s volunteering for a weekend retreat at Camp Crucis, or serving on the Bishop Iker Golf tournament board,

    'My passion has always been growing our young men and women in Christ. I am so honored to be considered to be a part of the CTR Vestry. God has truly blessed our lives with an amazing church family.'