we are a church of the great command, great commission and great tradition.

In 2008, Fr. Chris, with a group of families and individuals, felt the call to plant a church in southwest Fort Worth.

Since then, we have continued to demonstrate God's Great Command by worshiping Him in the Great Tradition and reaching out into the community within the walls of CTR and beyond with the love of Christ. Our members have been commissioned in local mission projects here in Fort Worth to as far as Northern Malawi.

Planting a church called

christ the redeemer...

In 2008, Fr. Chris, with several of us - families and individuals, heard the call to plant a church. None of us had planted a church before but it was something we felt God wanted us to do. So with the knowledge that 12 men had done so 2,000 years ago with the faith of Christ and the strength of the Holy Spirit, that is exactly what we did. We met in homes, offices, under a tent...wherever we found space, we worshiped God. As our church family grew, so was the need for a regular place to worship. So God provided space at Lockheed Martin Recreational Center and so began the journey of worshiping every Sunday in one location....

Worshipping at lmra....

LMRA, Lockheed Martin Recreational Association, is not the typical place that you might expect a traditional Anglican service to take place, but for a number of years it is exactly where CTR held its services. In a small ballroom to begin with, volunteers, of all ages, would arrive at LMRA and transform the small ballroom into our Anglican church. It did not take long before we out grew the space and with great joy, we moved into the larger ballroom. 'Mass on the Grass' became a thing and after church, our kids had fun playing outside or helping the adults transform the church back into a ballroom.

It was a joyful time but it soon became apparent to all that a more permanent solution was needed. Reluctant to move, the need became real when LMRA was sold to a developer. God provided once more with our current location in the shopping center just down the street.

...now at our current home

Transforming a commercial space into a worship space was a challenge but with God's guidance anything is possible! Before walls were painted and the carpet laid, our members wrote scripture verses on the floor that leads to the altar. The area was prayed over, and then the work began. An altar was built, chairs were assembled, rooms were created. Then in 2013 on All Saints Day, we held our first service in our new home. Since then, our church family has grown from the original group of about a dozen people, to a vibrant congregation of over 200. Since 2008, we have commissioned people to go out in mission as far as Cambodia and Northern Malawi, and we have also sent people out to serve our local and regional communities. 

and our vision.....

In the beginning of our story, a group of people had a vision to follow Jesus and plant the church called Christ the Redeemer. That vision is the same today as it was then, our vision is God's vision:

“Thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”

When Jesus taught his disciples how to pray, he said, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” So, this is our vision statement at CTR. First and foremost, it is God’s own vision. And, we at CTR only want what God has in mind for us.

So today, we continue to walk by faith as we obey God's Great Command, follow His Great Commission and worship in the Great Tradition.