Because you gave...

For, as our Lord says in Matthew 6:21,

"Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

One of my great delights each year is our "Because You Gave" campaign, when we celebrate the ministry we were able to do in the past year through God's grace and your gifts. This year, we begin by rejoicing in our ability to perpetuate the recruiting and establishing of an excellent team of ministers on our staff, particularly the additions of Fr. Charles Humphrey, our new assistant priest, and Ms. Ann Allen, our new administrative assistant.


As you recall, when Fr. Mark Polley was called to be the new dean of the cathedral, we launched an international search for our next assistant, which led us all the way to the great state of Mississippi. Thankfully, Fr. Charles and his family heard and heeded the call to head west and minister among us. Clearly, he didn't think Fort Worth was "west enough", as he has now purchased his home in Weatherford - but at least that means he intends to stay a while! Anyway, we are thankful to have him and his family among us, as his priestly presence will allow us to continue our ministry to youth, college students, and young adults, along with the other gifts he brings to us.


Similarly, when Alice Meyer decided to move into - ahem - retirement, we were delighted to call Ann Allen as our new administrative assistant. Truth be told, this was not the first time I tried to wrestle Ann away from her career as a legal assistant. However, this time God had paved the way for her to come to us, and we are delighted to have her! Not only is Ann a life-long Anglican, who understands and loves our tribe, but also her skill set and wonderful personality make her an excellent addition to our team.


Moreover, I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the rest of our staff, both paid and volunteer, who make our ministries run so well: Deacon Carl Harkins; Melissa Smith, Director of Children & Family Ministries; Caron Overbeek, Life Group Leader; Christine Martin, Communications Coordinator, and Trenton Chappell, Audio Visual Team.


Because you gave, we continue to create a culture of excellence, here at CTR.


Fr. Chris Culpepper, Rector


Because you Gave...


As I am sure we can all agree, COVID has had many negative impacts upon our society, including the inability to engage in fellowship with one another. A central aspect of our faith is community, so it was important for us to find a creative means to overcome this inability, while respecting each other’s desire to remain safe. Consequently, because we could not meet indoors, we decided to take advantage of our outdoor space by creating an event for the whole family. A family movie night was the perfect solution to reconnect with old friends and welcome our newest members.


Due to the generous financial gifts of our church family, we have been able to host two movie nights with a food truck and outdoor movie screen. The children have developed their friendships through parking lot football, soccer, chalk, and games. CTR members have caught up on each other’s lives while enjoying food and music, all before settling in with blankets and lawn chairs to enjoy a movie under the stars.


Thank you for your ongoing support of CTR as we develop these new traditions, intended to strengthen our CTR family and create a welcoming environment for all, because you gave.


Skylar O'Neal

Because you gave...

Remodeling the Children's Spaces

Because you gave, we have continued the expansion of Worship & Wonder at CTR. Worship & Wonder is a Montessori approach to entering into Scripture with children that focuses on: (1) spiritual developmental needs of a child; (2) the Biblical narrative; (3) worship, and; (4) the rhythmic and cyclical, liturgical life of the Church. It helps children in the work of prayer and worship in a special place - the atrium - apart from the worshiping congregation, so they become able to worship meaningfully with the congregation. Everything has a place and purpose in the environment of the atrium to enhance the children's learning and experience with God. Thank you, Christ the Redeemer family for providing the opportunity to provide the details needed for these sacred spaces to be transformed.

Moreover, due to the generous financial gifts of our church family, we have been able to renovate our current shopping center home to meet the growing needs of our children. Did you know we have almost 40 children 5th grade and under! At first it seemed a bit ironic to busily renovate the spaces and then have them sit empty, due to the impact of Covid and the delay in returning to in-person Sunday School. However, the extra time allowed us the opportunity to find and fill the spaces with beautiful artistic additions from Brett Oliver and Millie Watters, procure furnishings and shelving, develop and purchase wooden story materials, and all else that is necessary for training an expanded children's ministry team of 15 story-tellers and developing an ongoing curriculum, as well as materials for Worship & Wonder. Not to mention, we used the newly remodeled Atrium II for videoing Worship & Wonder sessions throughout our season of virtual Sunday School. And, our nursery spaces are bubbling with more children and additional child care workers and volunteers!


The long-anticipated return to Sunday School on September 12th was a joyous occasion as life overflowed in these spaces!


Please feel free to join us on a Sunday morning in one of the atriums to experience the awe and wonder. Because you gave, we are transforming these new spaces and the Christian formation of our youngest!


Thanks be to God!!

In Christ's joy,

Melissa Smith

Because you Gave...

The Gospel and Media at CTR

Our International Community

Because you gave, our church family has grown beyond the doors we walk through on any given Sunday. Through our ability to enhance our audio and visual worship experience, we now have the ability to offer and share these offerings with the world. And the world is watching. 

But first, let’s remember…

Our first live-stream worship service was on March 15,2020 with me holding my iphone for over an hour and trying to keep my arm steady! We reached over 200 people that day with 255 views!  Fast forward to today… Because you gave, we have been able to invest in equipment and people to offer better sound, better visual and more importantly, send out our message to our international community through a multitude of different platforms. And what are those platforms….

Web site, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram… and our podcasts are on Apple & Spotify!

By the numbers for September alone…

About 600 followers on Facebook

Almost 400 users representing 20 countries such as the United States, Indonesia, China, Canada, Germany… found us

In the US, over 28 states found us…

We average between 80 to 100 views on our Sunday worship and sermons…


So imagine, as we pray, sing, or hear God’s Word on any Sunday, someone from China, Indonesia or Canada, is also doing the same or it could be someone as close as Fort Worth and is not able to come to church. Or, it could be you on your vacation. Because you gave, you made this possible for our international family to be one in worship and hear God’s Word.

And that is just our Worship services! Because you gave, we are able to do live and recorded interviews… such as Fr. Chris’ interview with Henry on October 4th!

But there is more! Imagine if you subscribed, followed, shared, liked, and or commented on our different platforms! We could reach even more people…

Therefore, thank you for giving! With your generosity and your help, we have the tools needed to invite people to hear the Good News at CTR!

Blessings to you all,

Christine Martin


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