Stewardship campaign 2020

Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also....
Giving of the treasure that God has given you is not only one way to say “thank you” to him for his provision, but it is also a means for helping the Church spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The month of October is traditionally the time we begin our Stewardship Campaign.

We will tell our story - where we came from; where we are and where we are going with the Holy Spirit as our guide. In the second week of October, we will have our pledge cards available (here) for you to pledge. However, in the meantime, please take time over the course of October to prayerfully consider your pledge.

The pledge cards will be collected on

All Saints Day on Sunday, November 1st during our worship service @10:30am.

Stewardship 2020

Their story, the o'neals

stewardship 2020

A story of looking ahead

stewardship 2020

A story of Looking Back

stewardship 2020

a story of growing up @ctr

Listen to one of our students talk about what her church home means to her and the importance of giving.

stewardship 2020

a story of growth