going out in mission!

CTR is a church of the Great Commandment:

Jesus said, in Matthew 22: 37-40: You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. This is the first and Great Commandment, and the second is like it: you shall love your neighbor as yourself.”


CTR is a church committed to mission ...

Jesus said in Acts 1:8: "But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samar'ia and to the ends of the earth." 

At Christ the Redeemer, we commit 10% of our annual budget to mission. We partner with a variety of different organizations locally, regionally and globally to serve and bless others with the love of Jesus Christ. If you are interested in learning more either contact the church here or Ann Allen, our Mission leader here.

Our prayers go out to those who are being impacted by Hurricane Florence. If you wish to donate funds to help, you may do so here through ARDF.

LOCAL MISSION: Sign up NOW for Read 2 Win Training

Read 2 Win is an interdenominational ministry that seeks to eradicate illiteracy in Ft. Worth by partnering with local schools. "Coaches" volunteer for one hour a week to help 1st graders with sight words, and reading. Margie Culpepper will be teaching reading to 1st graders at Van Zandt-Guinn, a low income school, south of downtown. 


For more information click HERE or if interested in volunteering for this ministry contact Ann Allen HERE.

serving opportunities...

Opening Doors for Women in Need
Every Monday night ladies bible study from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.
Helps women overcome the obstacles they face when released from prison.
Contact  Ann Allen for address. Follows the FWISD calendar.

Tarrant County 5-Stones Taskforce Meeting
Last Tuesday of the month 11:00 to noon with lunch served
Collaborative effort by many groups in Fort Worth to combat human trafficking. TC 5-Stones Taskforce is an extension of the Fort Worth Police Department.
Contact  Ann Allen for address.

mission ministry leaders

The following members of CTR are our contacts for the various organizations we support through time, treasure and prayers. They are each passionate about the missions they represent and have developed relationships with each with the

love of Jesus Christ.

  • Ann Allen, Mission Co -Chair & ODWIN

    Ann Allen co-chairs our mission ministry with Melissa Smith. She oversees all disbursements of funds and coordinates volunteering opportunities.  She also is the liaison for ODWIN with Mary Anne Weisiger. ODWIN is Opening Doors for Women in Need. A local non-profit organization serving the Fort Worth area.

  • Melissa Smith, mission Co-chair & SaMS

    Melissa co-chairs the mission committee with Ann, assisting where she can. She is also our liaison with SAMS, Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders. SAMS partners with Anglican churches across the globe to grow the kingdom of God. Currently, we are supporting SAMS' missionaries, Guy and Summer Benton in New Zealand, and Jessica Teririck in Uganda.

  • Mary Anne Weisiger, ODWIN

    Mary Anne is our liaison for ODWIN, Opening Doors for Women in Need. ODWIN provides "programs for women that will empower them with faith, confidence, resources, teaching and training needed to gain a level of independence and self sufficiency, creating financial accountability and stability to be able to provide for themselves and their children."

  • Joel Bailey, hope farm

    HOPE Farm is a local non-profit that teaches boys to become Christ-centered men of integrity and to break the cycle of fatherlessness in their families. Joel is our liaison and he coordinates different ways that CTR  supports this organization, not only through  financial means but also through parishioners giving their time.

  • Alice DeMent, Iglesia San Miguel

    Iglesia San Miguel is a growing and vibrant church in our diocese whose Sunday services takes place in a garage!  There are many ways we help and Alicewith Becky Powell,  is our coordinator with such programs as their tamale fundraiser, and Thanksgiving turkey collection.

  • Becky Powell, Iglesia san Miguel &

    Camp Crucis

    Becky is involved in a number of different organizations we support. One is San Miguel, and the other is Camp Crucis. Camp Crucis serves the churches in our diocese with retreats, meeting spaces and offers numerous summer camps for kids, It is located in Granbury and CTR holds their women;s retreat there every year.

  • Susan Ross, Camp Crucis

    Susan Ross, with Becky Powell, is our liaison with Camp Crucis. She coordinates the needs of the camp with our church, as well as communicates the various camps offered throughout the summer.

  • Fr. Mark, Nashotah House &

    Church of the incarnation, college station

    Fr. Mark is our liaison with Nashotah House, a theological seminary founded in 1842. and the seminarians we support. He is also our contact with the new church plant at College Station, Church of the Reincarnation.

  • Ann Allen,

    new wineskins missionary network

    New Wineskins Missionary Network helps Anglicans to be more knowledgeable, active and effective in fulfilling our Lord's Great Commission. Every three years it sponsors a Global Mission conference. In 2016, many of our members, including youth, attended the last conference in 2016. Ann is our liaison with this organization.

  • Chiquita Costen, SOMA

    Sharing of Ministries Abroad, SOMA, is an international mission agency that serves the Anglican Communion and the worldwide church through short term, cross- cultural missions both locally and abroad, ministering to the clergy and the lay leaders alike. Chiquita is our liaison with this organizations and coordinates not only how we can help them financially but through mission trips as well.

  • Elaine bailey, la gran familia

    La Gran Familia is an orphanage in Northern Mexico. It was founded by an Anglican priest over 20 years ago. Elaine, our liaison, has visited the orphanage with her husband, Joel, many times and one year helped with their VBS program. The goal of the organization is to rescue children from the streets and to provide them with improved living conditions,  a vision of opportunity and hope for a future.

  • Bill Meyer & Marty Norman,

    Centurian Partner, Fr. Juta

    CTR has deep roots with the Diocese of Northern Malawi. In the summer of 2017, over 20 of our parishioners went on a mission trip there led by Fr. Chris. We support one their priests, Fr. Juta through the  Centurion program both financially and with prayers. Marty and Bill are our liaisons with Fr. Juta.

  • Julie Cosgrove, ARDF & The Life Project

    Anglican Relief and Development Fund or ARDF for short, serves both regional and global projects. Its mission is inspired by God's grace to empower Anglicans in developing countries to assist with either disasters, such as floods, or a means to be self sufficient in their communities. Julie is our liaison with ARDF so that we may help where it is most needed. Julie is also the editor/writer for The Life Project, bringing the gospel to people via the internet.