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Spring Break continues?

Even with school not meeting, I'm sure we are still keeping up with our classes and education online.  This is really good training and preparation for life after high school - learning time management and self-discipline.  In addition to school and (hopefully) our daily habit of prayer - I'd like to offer two ways to increase discipleship:

1.  We've been reading the book of Acts this year in Sunday school -- so how about a review and continuation.  Every day, read at least one chapter of Acts.  Perhaps you'll be able to see how the early Church began, grew, and changed the world.

2.  Daily -- do something nice for your parents.  Maybe it's a household chore like vacuuming or doing the dishes.  Perhaps it's saying something nice and encouraging to them or your siblings.  Whatever it is - do an intentional act of kindness for your parents every day.  I promise it'll be worth it.

If you have any question, you may e-mail Fr. Mark here.

young anglican Ministry

Young Anglicans serves the Anglican Church in North America, working to make effective Christ-centered ministry to teenagers thrive in every diocese and every congregation. In general, by the grace of God, we are in a time of expansion, with programs growing every year and new initiatives starting regularly.  God has amply blessed Young Anglicans and the ministry that we are involved in, and we remain very grateful to Him and to the leadership of the ACNA for the opportunity to serve our Church and our churches’ adolescents. For more information, click on the button or check out their website here.

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Fr. Mark, Director of youth ministry

At CTR, the whole purpose of youth ministry is to develop life-long disciples of Christ.  Through worship, discipleship, fellowship and mission, the youth of CTR are given opportunities to explore and enrich their faith.

I Timothy 4:12 declares, “Do not let anyone despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity.”

Therefore, we at CTR commit ourselves to equipping our youth to learn how to serve today, that they may know how to lead tomorrow. Fr. Mark continues to equip CTR’s youth through Sunday school, Wednesday night Bible studies, mission trips, various outreach projects and he often has lunch with them throughout the school year.