Sharing of Ministries Abroad (SOMA):

SOMA is an international mission agency founded in England in 1979 as a follow-on organization to the “Anglican Conference on Spiritual Renewal” held in Canterbury, England. The agency is called by God to serve the Anglican Communion and the worldwide Church through short-term, cross-cultural missions both locally and abroad, ministering to the clergy and lay leaders alike.


Guy and Summer Benton: Cambodia

CTR supports Guy and Summer Benton who serve in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with their daughter Quinn and foster son Pirum. Summer is a social worker and Guy is the Director of Youth Ministry for the Anglican Church of Cambodia.
Their Ministry:
Guy ministers with the Anglican Church helping to build up outreach to Cambodian youth both in the rural areas and in the cities. Summer trains Cambodians as they bring love and hope to children at risk.

Northern Malawi: The Centurion program

The Centurion program was created to encourage the development of parish to parish relationships within our Companion Diocese framework. It offers a wonderful opportunity to build lasting relationships between the churches and people of both dioceses. CTR financially supports and prays for our Centurion partner, Fr. Juta, who is a priest in our companion diocese, the Anglican Diocese of Northern Malawi. The diocese is one of four Anglican Diocese ministering to the people of Malawi, Africa; and is a member of The Church of the Province of Central Africa and the Anglican Communion. Thanks to the generosity of our Diocese and our church, Fr. Juta was able to buy  this car to commute to his parishes.

Northern Mexico: La Gran Familia

La Gran Familia is an orphanage based in Cuautemoc, Chihuahua. It was started about a dozen years ago when a small boy came to the house of an American Anglican priest, Father Gregory David Spinks, looking for food and shelter. Today, there are over 30 children, both boys and girls who live there. The goal of La Gran Familia is to rescue children from the vices and insecurities of the streets and to provide them with improved living conditions, quality of life and a vision of opportunity and hope for the future. CTR supports the orphanage not only financially but also our members have travelled there to minister to the children with Vacation Bible School.


If you are interested in learning more, please e-mail Fr. Chris or contact the church at 817 386-3000.