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The stage is set, the characters are in place... the dreams of Storytellers, Singing and Art in Children's Ministry are soon to come true. Through stories, songs, and hymns, and art, presented in Chapel format, grounded in the eternal prayers, creeds and commandments of our faith, the children of CTR will experience the truths of Scripture coming to life in our very midst this year on Sunday mornings.

Stories from The Old, The New, and "THE NOW" Testaments, of people living life by faith in God's truth will encourage us to reflect on our own character now while imparting God's character to our hearts, and inspiring us to take part in making God's dream for our lives come true!          

Told by Joseph himself.

Children in PreK - 5th grade are encouraged to come, grab a front row seat as the curtain is raised on the life of a great character of faith, a dreamer of dreams.  We will hear the complete story of Joseph's life on the 1st Sunday of each month throughout the Fall.   Mark your calendars and plan to be here for one of the greatest stories of faith, from beginning to end.  

Stories fall gently on our hearts, inviting us to relax as we settle into God's grace and open our hearts to God's truth. Our year of Storytellers, Singing and Art begins before you know it. God has carefully laid the foundation for a great plan for the children of Christ the Redeemer.  You will not want to miss a single Sunday!

Though we all know the story well, it is never tiring to hear of God's faithfulness to his people as it is shown through Joseph, to not only preserve their lives but to multiply them into a great nation as well.  And watching the dramatic reunion of the brothers twelve, with sobs of forgiveness and love all around, is one of many highlights.  


You will not want to miss a single Sunday.I

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