Advent 2017

Preparing for the coming of Jesus

Family Devotional:
Prayers, Readings and
Lighting the Advent Wreath

Week 1: Hope (purple)

Week 2: Peace (purple)

Week 3Joy (rose)

Week 4: Love (purple)

Christmas Eve: Christ (white)

Advent begins December 3rd!

What is Advent?
Advent comes from the Latin word Adventus meaning “the coming”, but the coming of what? It is a preparation for the coming of Christ in three ways:

  1. The remembrance of the Birth of Christ
  2. The anticipation of the 2nd Coming of Christ
  3. The coming of ourselves to Christ

When is Advent?
Advent is the New Year celebration for the Church seasons (happy new year!!). It begins 4 Sundays before the feast of Christ’s Mass, or Christmas (always December 25th).

The origin of the Advent Season dates from the 6th century AD. The Church used collects and lessons during this season to prepare the Church atmosphere and teaching of Christmas.

What do we do in Advent season?
Advent is a season of preparation. Just as we prepare for the Easter Resurrection during Lent, so we also prepare for the coming birth of Christ during Advent.

Advent colors are typically violet, but dark blue is also appropriate – connoting a humble preparation for the coming of Christ. As Jesus humbled himself to be born of a woman so to become man, we are to humble ourselves in preparation for Our Lord and Savior’s arrival.

How to Keep Advent Season at Home:

  • Advent Wreaths – Build a wreath of any size with five candles that can be lit as Scripture is read and prayers are said daily in anticipation of the coming Christmas.
  • Advent Calendars – These come in many forms and assist children in counting down the days to Christmas.
  • Prayers – If you don’t have a regular prayer-time in your daily routine, now is a great time to start! Your prayers don’t have to be complex, and neither do they have to be long or limited to the dinner table, but your prayers should include a prayer for the return of our Lord into your life. You may pray when you wake up, at bedtime, or before you open the next number on the Advent calendar.
  • Nativity Scene – Set up a crèche scene in the home, taking into consideration that Christ should not be placed in the manger until Christmas day. Allow for the whole family to anticipate the birth of Christ by setting up the manger one week, then Joseph the next, then Mary the next week or something like this pattern. Then make Jesus the first present to be opened on Christmas day and placed in the manger.

The Advent Wreath
An Advent wreath is a ring of evergreen holding four candles. The circle symbolizes God’s everlasting love for His creation, and the evergreens represent Christ’s gift of eternal life. The light of each candle represents the light that Christ brings to the World. On Christmas day, a white candle is lit in the center of the wreath to announce the birth of Christ who is the Light of the World. As you (and your family) gather daily for prayer, begin by lighting one candle the first week, two candles the second week, three the third week and so on. Advent is a season of preparation, and each week has a subtheme to help us prepare:

Week 1: 1st candle: HOPE
Week 2: 2nd candle: LOVE
Week 3: 3rd candle: JOY
Week 4: 4th candle: PEACE
Christmas Eve: Christ-Candle: SALVATION

Printed copies of  Advent - Preparing for the Coming of Jesus, are available at Christ the Redeemer. Contact the church for a copy or pick one up on Sunday!