Why Church?

  I remember my first mission trip to Malawi, Africa, in 1996. I had re-dedicated my life to Christ over the last 24 months, and this mission trip represented the culmination of two years of being intensely discipled by my local parish church in Fort Worth, Texas.
  While on the mission, I remember visiting every parish in the diocese of Northern Malawi. Though I could not understand the language, I could tell you exactly where we were in the worship service; when Scripture was being read; when the Nicene Creed was being recited, when the Lord’s Prayer was being said, etc.
  It was through that experience that I learned the power of being a part of the Anglican Communion. I was not alone! Indeed, I was part of a faith community that has 80,000,000 members, in 160 of the 195 countries around the world. I could go almost anywhere and practice my Christian faith with people who believe like me. Think of that!
  Some years later, while in seminary, I was on a mission trip in Uganda. On that trip, we went out with one of the local priests to do evangelism work in the community. We happened upon a lady who was cooking over a low charcoal fire. It became clear very quickly that the priest knew the lady. In his conversation with her, he mentioned that he hadn’t seen her in church in a while and he was concerned about her.

 Then, he made a profound observation.

  The priest asked the lady what would happen if she took one of the charcoals off of the fire. Of course, she responded that it would soon lose its heat and grow cold. The priest remarked that our spiritual life is just like that.

 What about you?

 Are you looking for a place where you (and your family) can be strengthened in your Christian faith, encouraged when you are struggling, and truly supported by Christians all over the world?

We look forward to meeting you!

Fr. Chris Culpepper
Rector, Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church